Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Year of the Two-Hour Delay

That's what I've deemed the title of this year or so that Mike is gone to be. Seems we're always running on a two-hour delay. We get up two hours later than when he's here, we eat lunch atleast an hour and a half later, dinner is 2 hours later, and bed-time is sadly, probably more than 2 hours later. Most times, I don't care. Sometimes, I do. Today would not be one of them. HA! :-) It will make it hard for us to transition into Mike being home, but that's so far off, I don't even need to think about it yet. I guess I kind of get into survival mode when I'm an acting single parent. I crave time to myself, hence the late bed-time. I try to get the kids to bed about 9:30, but it seems it takes an act of congress to get them there lately. It gets dark so late now, they want to play outside until the last possible minute. Kind of hard to get them to bed at 9 when they're out until 8-8:30. I am usually up for 3-4 hours after the kids are sleeping. Three to four hours of bliss....quiet. :-) I use that time to watch my DVRed TV programs, knit, scrap, or play on the computer. Since I'm up so late, it's hard to get up. But, I really don't care. I am doing the best that I can to run things smoothly while Mike is gone. Some might not think this is the right way, but it's working well for us so far. :-) I should mention, next month when we're in NY, our schedule will change yet again. :-)
Tomorrow is field day with a local homeschool group. They have a used curriculum sale too. I have a stack of books on my bed right now that need to be priced. I'm hoping to sell most of it. I really need to clear some room of my shelves. The kids are looking foward to it. There will be game, a picnic lunch and a pool to swim in. Right now, I have to bring a dinner to church for someone I don't even know. I hope they enjoy it. :-) Until next time..............

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rellimall said...

Hey Angela,
I just found your blog....... and I LOVE it!! You are sooooooooo organized it is enviable. I hope you don't mind that I googled your name to find this.... I had just called you and was thinking about you guys.... It will be great to have you guys out Monday, I can't wait.