Saturday, April 27, 2013

Belated Birthday

Mikayla was finally able to have her birthday party with her friends. It was a masquerade party. I love this picture I took of her. She's growing up to be a beautiful young lady with a tender heart.

Determination much?

Thursday was take your daughters/sons to work day. I worked a few hours in the floral department that day. I took Mikayla and Liberty, but only seem to have one picture on my phone. I'll have to get the pictures my friend took with her camera. Liberty was helping blow up balloons for an order, which can be a bit scary. Her face is hilarious...


These baby goats came to live with us about a month ago. We are having a BLAST with them! They are still bottle fed, which is hilarious!!!!! They go absolutely crazy for their bottles. Their names are Sugar and Spice. They will be market projects for the fair. Currently, they both fit in an extra large dog crate, though they won't for much longer. We are working in their "barn" which is really an outdoor shed, but I think it'll work great. We are really enjoying these goats much more than we though we would.


There has been a lot going on around here these days. I've picked up a part time job, so we are all adjusting to that. Thankfully my hours are fairly flexible. This week I worked 4 days...surprisingly, we accomplished all of the school work that needed to be done!!! Praise The Lord! I should mention, when I say 4 days, that equated to 19 hours. Big whoop. Ha!
The girls have been helping me with some decorating projects. Katie painted the bathroom for me. They've both been working on painting the downstairs bathroom. I'll share that another day.
This bathroom is our upstairs bathroom. We painted it the same color yellow as my bathroom, which we painted last spring. I added new towel and toilet paper holders, as well as a new medicine cabinet, shower curtain and pictures. I also painted the light. I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't. It was an ugly silver that was rusting. I used a brown hammered metal paint. I LOVE how it came out!!!
We have no towel storage upstairs. I know, it's silly. We do have a linen closet downstairs, but it's a sorry excuse for a linen closet at this point. I found the idea using the crates on Pinterest, of course!!! I painted the crate the same color as the light. I am going to make another crate exactly the same and install it directly above this one. I also plan to get a new vanity and sink. Hopefully soon. :-).
We are having a blast finally decorating our house!!!