Monday, June 18, 2007


Are you a list maker? I am. I have lots of lists. I have lists in my purse, lists near my bed, lists on the counter, lots and lots of lists. I even have a list of what history core my kids will use all they way through high school. :-) I need to make my list today of what I need to accomplish this week. We're headed to NY on Monday. Well, we'll actually stay in Greenville for 2 nights, then drive the rest of the way to NY. Mike's Dad thinks he's taking all five kids to a water park without me. I appreciate the thought....he wants me to have some alone time. BUT, he must not remember how much work kids are at the waterpark. So, I told him yesterday when I called to wish him a Happy Father's Day, that I"ll be going with them. :-) I did just accomplish one major thing from my list for the week (even though I don't have a tangible list yet). I re-arranged the living room. My kids are forever fighting over the love seat. They will all cram themselves onto it. All five of them. Then, the fighting begins....Liberty has her feet on me.....Benjamin won't move over, etc. So, I swapped the couches out. Hopefully it'll work. It means I now have to buy a new lamp for the living room, as the old lamp won't fit where it needs to go. Stupid military housing....they must not know what over-head lighting is. :-)
I started a new knitting project this weekend. I'll share details and pictures later. :-) Until next time.........

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The never-ending Girlfriend Shrug

It's still not finished, but at least it's off the needles. :-) I knitted this Shrug with Knit Picks Palette on KP size 1 needles. I didn't think I would ever finish it. I must say, the Palette turns into a totally different fabric once it's been blocked. It is so soft, and I'm glad. I was a bit disappointed with the Palette at first. I know some people make socks with it, and I couldn't have imagined wearing a sock made out of the stuff, until I washed it. I could totally wear it now. All that's left, is to sew up the arm seams, pick up a bunch of stitches and knit a 1x1 ribbing. That shouldn't take long, right? HA! I'm contemplating letting my Mom sew the seams. My finishing techniques aren't that great. :-)

Sherilyn, this picture is for you. I know you'll totally appreciate it. HA! Ya'll should really check out Sherilyn's blog. She is an awesome knitter, and she is FAST! It's my new Cricut Expressions machine!!!! Oh wait, there is a sock there too. I'm working on it's mate....I'm in the middle of turning the heal right now. I'll post more details once they're both finished. :-)
Have ya'll checked out the new Knitty? I must admit, there weren't many patterns this time that caught my eye. But, this one surprised me. Becca brought the pattern to Moe's on Monday night. Apparently, Katie was paying attention. Yesterday, she said, "Mom, you know that skirt Miss Becca is making? Could you make it for me too?" I told her I wouldn't mind making it, but she doesn't wear skirts. She replied, "Well, there are two kinds of skirts...skirts I like, and skirts I don't like. That is a skirt I would like." HA! So, I guess I'll be knitting a skirt. I totally cannot wait to feel the Hempathy.
I have planned my next pair of socks. Toe-up Jaywalkers using Socks That Rock yarn. Yumm-o. :-) Mommy duty calls. Until next time.......

Monday, June 11, 2007


You won't believe it. The never-ending Girlfriend Shrug is about to be blocked. As soon as I can get some kids in bed. :-) It feels so good to have it off the needles. Of course, I still have to sew the sleeve seams and knit the border, but that won't take as long as it took to knit the shrug. HA! Pictures to soon follow.
I have to share my excitement about something. Katie has always been a good reader, but she doesn't share the LOVE for reading that Devin has. She wants to read The Diary of Anne Frank. I'm not sure why. lol. She wanted me to buy it tonight at Barnes and Noble, and I probably would have. But, her friend said she can borrow her copy, and she's bringing it to bowling tomorrow. So, Katie is determined to finish her current read tonight....Where the Red Fern Grows. :-) I love it when my kids get excited about books. Until next time.........

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We NEED to accessorize, right?

Thanks to Becca, I'm addicted to stitch markers. These particular markers. (Don't worry honey....they're cheap). I received my first order today. I just ordered another set. Hey...I had $$ in my Paypal account...what can I say? :-) They're oh so pretty, and as Becca discovered, easier to just buy rather than make. I am knitting lately though, so they won't be wasted. I'm about half-way done with a beanie hat for Mike. Why he wants a hat in the 120 degree Iraq weather, I'll never know. HA! I told him I would try and finish it tonight so I can get it out in his next box. He's bugging me for food, so I had better send it very soon. I have competed a sock too....finished the toe on the match...but you'll have to wait until both are finished to see the picture. The never ending shrug? It really is never-ending. I'm making progress though. :-)
Oh, I must tell my scary story. First, my disclaimer....we aren't morning people. Anyone who knows me in real life, already knows that. lol. I've also had sick kids, and have been ill myself. So, now that that's out of the way, my doorbell rang at 9:05 this morning. NONE of us were up yet. In the back of my mind, I remembered that I had called in a work order for the clogged tub last night. Have I mentioned they are coming out about every other week to unclog my tub? Ugh. Anyway, I had chosen the PM slot on the form. Usually, they abide by that. So, I had pretty much decided it couldn't be the maintenance man. Then, I started freaking out in my mind thinking maybe it was casualty officers coming to tell my that something had happened to Mike. In the mean time, Katie was racing down the stairs to answer the door. I had to nearly push her out of the way to make sure she didn't get to the door first. Thankfully, it WAS just the maintenance man. Stupid guy for not calling first. Until next time.........