Monday, June 18, 2007


Are you a list maker? I am. I have lots of lists. I have lists in my purse, lists near my bed, lists on the counter, lots and lots of lists. I even have a list of what history core my kids will use all they way through high school. :-) I need to make my list today of what I need to accomplish this week. We're headed to NY on Monday. Well, we'll actually stay in Greenville for 2 nights, then drive the rest of the way to NY. Mike's Dad thinks he's taking all five kids to a water park without me. I appreciate the thought....he wants me to have some alone time. BUT, he must not remember how much work kids are at the waterpark. So, I told him yesterday when I called to wish him a Happy Father's Day, that I"ll be going with them. :-) I did just accomplish one major thing from my list for the week (even though I don't have a tangible list yet). I re-arranged the living room. My kids are forever fighting over the love seat. They will all cram themselves onto it. All five of them. Then, the fighting begins....Liberty has her feet on me.....Benjamin won't move over, etc. So, I swapped the couches out. Hopefully it'll work. It means I now have to buy a new lamp for the living room, as the old lamp won't fit where it needs to go. Stupid military housing....they must not know what over-head lighting is. :-)
I started a new knitting project this weekend. I'll share details and pictures later. :-) Until next time.........

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Terrillyn said...

I'm also a list maker. Friends used to joke that I had a list of lists.

Have fun in NY and hopefully I'll see you in Aug.