Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The never-ending Girlfriend Shrug

It's still not finished, but at least it's off the needles. :-) I knitted this Shrug with Knit Picks Palette on KP size 1 needles. I didn't think I would ever finish it. I must say, the Palette turns into a totally different fabric once it's been blocked. It is so soft, and I'm glad. I was a bit disappointed with the Palette at first. I know some people make socks with it, and I couldn't have imagined wearing a sock made out of the stuff, until I washed it. I could totally wear it now. All that's left, is to sew up the arm seams, pick up a bunch of stitches and knit a 1x1 ribbing. That shouldn't take long, right? HA! I'm contemplating letting my Mom sew the seams. My finishing techniques aren't that great. :-)

Sherilyn, this picture is for you. I know you'll totally appreciate it. HA! Ya'll should really check out Sherilyn's blog. She is an awesome knitter, and she is FAST! It's my new Cricut Expressions machine!!!! Oh wait, there is a sock there too. I'm working on it's mate....I'm in the middle of turning the heal right now. I'll post more details once they're both finished. :-)
Have ya'll checked out the new Knitty? I must admit, there weren't many patterns this time that caught my eye. But, this one surprised me. Becca brought the pattern to Moe's on Monday night. Apparently, Katie was paying attention. Yesterday, she said, "Mom, you know that skirt Miss Becca is making? Could you make it for me too?" I told her I wouldn't mind making it, but she doesn't wear skirts. She replied, "Well, there are two kinds of skirts...skirts I like, and skirts I don't like. That is a skirt I would like." HA! So, I guess I'll be knitting a skirt. I totally cannot wait to feel the Hempathy.
I have planned my next pair of socks. Toe-up Jaywalkers using Socks That Rock yarn. Yumm-o. :-) Mommy duty calls. Until next time.......

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Sherilyn said...

Oh, my! Size 1's. I bow down to you, oh persevering one. {:D} I wish you much zen with the picking up and 1x1.

I have a toddler dress pattern with fingering weight Fair Isle and I know I should start it now since I only have about two years until I can expect to have my daughter, LOL!

I love the sock photo...and the new Cricut! I haven't used mine in a few weeks...I need to get scrapping in a serious way. I'm too obsessed with knitting right now, though. The sock is gorgeous.

I like that skirt pattern, too. I'm glady they put some good kid patterns in the new Knitty. I've finally got my eyes open for those kinds of patterns! There is a serious derth of wearable kid patterns above a certain know, items your kids can wear without other kids pointing and laughing when they enter the room.

I like the way you think I am a fast knitter. {:D} More like obsessed. And being childless doesn't hurt. I don't have nearly as much on my plate as you do!