Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trailguide to Learning Books

Yes, I know its summer vacation. However, we took a lot of time off throughout the year for various things; So, we are still plugging along with Paths of Settlement. We really love Trailguide. We are definitely planning to continue with Paths of Progress as soon as Settlement is finished. I'm super excited about the new high school supplement they came out to go along with PoP. That means Mikayla can continue to study right along with us!!! One thing I don't like is, printing all of the pages. I thought it would work well, but it doesn't. There are days we don't do PoS because I didn't think ahead and print the pages the night before. So yesterday, I printed all five lessons we have left in the unit we are working on. We've already finished the first lesson. Today, I took them to an office store to see how much it would cost to have them spiral bound. Less than $15 for all three!!!! I think I am going to love this. No more keeping track of papers, worrying about whether they filed them in the right place in their binders, no more enormous binders sitting on the table, etc. I think I should have printed the papers two-sided. But, I didn't Perhaps next time I'll try that. In case you're wondering, I ordered PoP papers already printed. :-)