Thursday, May 10, 2007


Look what was delivered to me today! I knew Devin had something up his sleeve, I just didn't know for sure what it was. :-) He called my Mom last night to talk to her about something. He was rather upset when he was done. Something about his idea wouldn't work 'cause he didn't have a credit card. lol. Mom called him first thing this morning. Very strange when she calls for one of the kids when she's at work, so I knew something was brewing. Devin is so very sensitive. Mother's Day and my birthday are big deals in our house. I get breakfast in bed every Mother's Day. Mike takes all of the kids out shopping for both events. So, I should have known that Devin would have a difficult time doing this. Last time Mike was deployed we lived with my parents, so Devin had help. He tries so hard to do the things that Mike can't do because he isn't here. Oh, by the way.....I did get cards for both events from Mike already. I can't believe they got here in time. He doesn't even know what day of the week it is, much less the date! HA! I tried to tell him last night that I'm just thankful that I am here with my family, and a dinner at Outback on my birthday would be enough, but that didn't fly. Gee....I wonder where he gets that from? :-) Even though he's a teenager, and I'm a much better parent to toddlers, I just love that boy. :-) Here's some more pictures of my beautiful flowers. By the way, I need to ask Mom how much I owe her now. HA!

Aren't they so pretty! I just love 'em. Oh, I should tell you the funny thing the delivery guy said. As I was standing at the door trying to get my flowers, Milo was trying to escape. Drives me nuts that he does that. But, often times, there isn't anyone to hold him back in the living room to make sure he doesn't run to the door. Anyway, he snuck his way past my foot and ran up to the delivery man to sniff him out. I told the guy not to worry, he won't bite. His response? "It's OK. I have a fake leg, so he only has a 50/50 chance of biting the right now. " :-)
Oh, I got some yummy, yummy yarn in the mail today. I'll give you a hint. STR are the initials. :-) I'll share that later. Also, I'm turning the heel on a sock using some yummy yarn I have previously blogged about. You'll see photos soon. Until next time...........


kim199173 said...

Aww, how sweet is that! Welcome to the blogger side! Be sure to check out mine! If you ever decide to do digital scrapbooking rather than paper, I have several free kits that I made. Hope you and the kids are doing well! Keep us posted on Mike! I got his email, and really need to send him some jokes. Talk to you soon!

Becca said...

What a wonderful kid! He really worked hard for this for you. I would have been crying all over the place. So sweet.

Can't wait to see your STR!