Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Headers

Thanks to my good friend Melissa, I know how hot to create Blog headers! Woohoo! Go me! I need a little more practice, but I'm getting there. I'm posting a link so I don't forget where the tutorial is located at. Clover Lane has a very easy tutorial posted. If you don't already have Picasa, you must get it. It's very lovely!!! :-)
I sent my man off for a month long vacation to the Mojave desert today. It's been a long time since he's left me for more than a night or two. I guess it's my turn, eh? Anyway, I have many projects planned for the next month. I may have a few finished projects to show you either today or tomorrow. I have several that just need a couple of little things done to them, then they'll move to the finished pile!!!
Before I sign off to do some school with some kids, I must share a lovely thing my three younger kids did for me this morning. Breakfast in bed, complete with COFFEE made with the Keurig! The nicest part though, was the "I love you just because" handmade card they gave me. I love my kids!

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Melissa said...

I love being able to create headers, now to get some new pictures to create more!