Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Completed Projects

I feel like I don't complete anything lately. I've come so close to finishing so many things, I just don't actually complete them. This is actually a recurring problem in my life, but that's a post for a different day. So, no pictures today. :sad face:
There was some paper crafting this weekend, along with knitting, and cooking/baking. I feel like all I did all weekend was cook! I made homemade pizza Friday night, like always. Yesterday, I didn't make anything special, just regular meals. Actually, I didn't even cook dinner last night. It was Yo-Yo night. You know what Yo-Yo night is, right? "Your On Your Own" buddie!!! Many of us had cereal. No harm in that, eh? At least it was Life cereal!!!! Today, I made a batch of Blueberry/Walnut granola bars, baked macaroni and cheese, Banana Pudding, Oatmeal Jam Bars (thanks Melissa!), Best Dinner Rolls Ever and Buffalo Chicken Dip. Now, I don't know if these rolls really ARE the best dinner rolls ever. My regular recipe for the best rolls evah is missing. Sniff, sniff. So, I'm trying these. They're currently in the oven. I had planned to make a batch of Baked Oatmeal but I'm out of steam. Maybe tomorrow night.
What's for dinner tomorrow night? I sometimes grow weary of figuring out what we're going to eat. Menus help me, but my husband is gone. I'm not always motivated to cook when he's gone. However, I do know what we're having tomorrow night. These. In fact, that's why I made the Best Dinner Rolls Ever! Our local Walmart didn't have the Hawaiian Rolls, and I didn't want to go to another store to look. So, we'll see how they turn out.
I started a new knitting project this weekend. It's with my FAVORITE yarn ever! Dream in Color Classy! I wish I could afford to knit every worsted, super wash project with DIC. Tomorrow starts a busy next few months of ice-skating lessons, but hopefully I'll have pictures of finished projects and newly started projects to share with you!
Just in case you're wondering, I have two new loves in my life. This and slushy Pepsi. Our entry way is cold enough that it turns my Pepsi into the perfect slushy every time!

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