Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh the People We Will Meet

We were shopping at Fred Meyer yesterday when something a wee bit exciting happened. We were in line to check out when a cashier approached us and asked us if we would rather move to the Express Lane. Of course we would, so she walked us to the correct lane and told us there was a film crew from Ice Road Truckers in the store filming a segment. She said we were welcome to take pictures if we desired. After we checked out, I asked the kids if they wanted to try and get a picture of Lisa. Sure! We followed a ways behind her for a couple of minutes trying to get a good shot. Of course, we couldn't. Once we saw her and her crew stop filming and chat for a few moments, we knew that was our golden opportunity. We walked a bit faster to try and get a couple of aisles ahead of the crew so we could approach her from the front and snap a picture. Imagine my surprise when as soon as we popped out of the aisle, she said to me, "Where did you get your jacket. I need it." HA! I went ahead and told her where I bought it and how to get there. Then, I asked if we could take a picture. I think she was a little bit embarrassed, but was very nice about it. Exciting things happening in Fairbanks these days. :-)

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