Friday, January 7, 2011

And There Was Cake

Yesterday, we celebrated Mikayla's 12th birthday (how on earth can she be 12?). She's having a party next month (after we get more settled) with her friends. She wants a fancy, 2 or 3 layer wedding type cake complete with fondant and who knows what else. So, for her family party, I insisted on something a bit more simplistic. This is what we ended up with...Can you say chocolate overload??? It was yummy though, I will say that much. A two layer marble cake with two cans of chocolate frosting, covered with Kit Kats and M&Ms! Yummmm-0! I know, I know...homemade frosting would have been so much better. The cake she makes for her party with her friends will have homemade frosting, I promise. ;-)
What is a birthday without the gifts???I just realized she didn't get dressed yesterday. Well, half of her was dressed...the other half wore pajama pants all day. I guess I should have had her put a pair of jeans on for pictures? Oh well...the benefits of homeschooling I guess...staying in your jammies all day!!!!!!!
I can't resist...I have to share some of the silliness that was going on during Mikayla's gift opening session.
There was some sweetness too...

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Melissa said...

I like the family cake! That looks yummy! Is that a cricut cake? She might just be able to start her own cake business!