Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

We accepted delivery of our household goods on Thursday of last week. It was crazy. I'm quite certain it would take several posts for me to tell you everything that happened that day, but I'll spare you the details. However, I will tell you that they dropped my beautiful, RED, front loading washer down the STAIRS!!!!! I had to close my eyes. I couldn't look. Thankfully, it still works, although the back is dented. We've discovered a lot of broken items/keepsakes as we've emptied boxes. Katie was excited this evening because we found the box that housed her collection of snow globes. Imagine her disappointment when she discovered that 4 had been broken. :-( I don't think the movers in KY packed our stuff with enough padding to sustain the -40 degree temperatures we had when our stuff got here.
One more thing I must tell you about delivery day. We had a very strange moving guy. He was addicted to Crest Mouthwash. He carried it all over the house with him. He swished at least every 10 minutes. At one point, he came out of one of the bedrooms swishing, and panicked because someone was in the bathroom and he couldn't spit! How weird is that?
We've been in the midst of a heat wave and it has been FABULOUS! It's been in the 20s, maybe even 30s the last several days! It seems to have run its course, as I think it's hovering right around zero now, maybe even a couple of degrees below, but we've been loving it. I ran to Barnes and Noble the other day to get help with my Nook, and I didn't even wear a jacket! Imagine that! Alaska, in the middle of winter, with NO JACKET!!!!! I have told the kids several times though, not to get used it it. Fifty below is coming, I'm certain of it.
The two big kids started school this last week. It'll be an adjustment for them, that's for sure. Their schedule is very strange. Some days they have all 6 classes, some they have 4, weird. There have been some bus stop issues, but as of Monday, it'll be all worked out. For now, I have to drive them in the morning, all though they can ride the bus home. I am ready to get back into a regular routine with the other kids. I need to finish unpacking their school books, as well as order some new material for them to work on.
I'm still trying to get back into the habit of blogging, but I do admit it hasn't been an easy habit to get in to. I'm a list maker. I have lists everywhere. I need to write REMEMBER TO BLOG on my list, as I'm kind of hoping to use this as a type of "scrapbook" of our time in Alaska, however long that may be.

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