Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Whoever it is that keeps bringing their laundry over to my house and dumping it in my laundry room, please stop. I am sick of doing laundry. I used to be able to get by doing a load a day. Not so much anymore. I have to do two loads a day several times a week. Who on earth wears all of these clothes? I don't think any of my kids are capable of turning their clothes right side out or unballing their socks either. I'm about to dish the laundry chore out to someone else. I'm over it. We're leaving for NY on Saturday, the laundry must get done or else we won't have anything to wear! Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!
I have nearly finished a Noro sock. I may finish it tonight while watching The Biggest Loser. However, if I want to give the kids something for Valentine's Day, I had better get busy making them. I bought some Hershey's Nuggets and plan to make Nugget Boxes. You can google Nugget Boxes if you must know what they are. I'm too lazy to link it right now. We don't normally give the kids anything for V-day, after all, it is a holiday for lovers. However, since Mike is gone, I suppose I'm feeling a little guilty. So, maybe, just maybe, I'll finish the boxes in time to give them to my kids. ;-)
I got to snuggle with a super sweet beautiful little baby today! For a second, I thought to myself how nice if would be to have another little bundle of joy, but trust me when I tell you it only lasted a second. HA!


kaysmarmey said...

Pass on the laudry chore to your kids. Assign each of the older ones a day to do their own and maybe give them a younger one to do as well. That leaves you with your clothes and towels. It is nice to pass of the laundry. Levi does his and I still help the girls some but they do the folding an putting away. I just make sure it gets done.
Grain mills. I like the mill, I am still trying to find a good recipe that turns out great every time. I am buying through a co-op here that oders twice a year and I bought a white winter wheat called prairie gold that is from montana wheat farms. It is better than the red wheat berries I was getting at Fred's. I am making the dough in my kitchen aide right now but hope to get a bosch next Christmas from my mom. It will make enough dough for five loaves of bread at once.
Have a good visit to New York.

lauriec said...

Have a safe trip!! Enjoy the snow!!!