Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frozen I had nearly forgotten what single digits felt like. I was quickly reminded tonight as I stepped out onto the porch to let a dog out. Thankfully, he hurried up and did his business. Poor Liberty went out onto the porch with bare feet last night. Her jaw hit the floor and she ran for a carpet as soon as she could. ;-) The kids are enjoying the NY snow though. They've played outside every afternoon for a couple of hours, and they're sleeping great at night! They're hoping for a fresh snow storm though. It had warned up to above freezing the first day we were here, then cooled right back down again. So, there is a thick layer of ice all over everything. Makes for some fast sledding hills, but no so great snowmen.
I'm almost finished with the gusset increases on the camo socks for Benjamin. He giggled every time I had him try them on, so I know he will love them. Don't tell him, but I would rather be working on my Noro socks. HA!


Sherilyn said...

I took my Noro sock yarn to Knit Night last night and they all were eager to touch it, then shook their heads. I don't think they belive it will soften up. But I have faith. :D And I don't mind it so much as it is.

Terrillyn said...

Eric would love to go sledding. The poor child has a mother who is severely allergic to snow and refuses to have anything to do with it. He's seen snow twice in his life - both times before his 5th birthday.

Ya'll have fun. I'm going to go sit on my porch with a glass of ice tea.

lauriec said...

Glad you guys are having fun! The Wee One loved LOVED the snow & it made me wish we were stationed somewhere that got snow.

And I so hear you on the single digits! It was -1 the day I left VT. I forgot how bone chilling that can be!

Enjoy your visit!!