Monday, February 25, 2008


That's my mood today. Ho-hum. I won't feel like doing anything. My kids have been fighting non-stop today. I grounded one in particular from the computer for three days, which means she can't go on Webkinz. She's afraid her plants are going to die 'cause she can't water them. Cry me a river. So now I'll have to listen to her whine and pout for the rest of the day, because she can't go on the computer. I finally sent her to bed. She whined, "I'll never be a princess!" Ho hum.
We're supposed to go back to GA on Saturday. Of course, it's supposed to snow Friday night and Saturday morning. Oh well. We're leaving anyway. I am ready to go home. I miss my bed. It has been a great visit for the kids, but there is so much drama here, I'm ready to go home. I will have some super fun pictures of the kids to share once I'm home. Actually, they're on Mom's laptop. Maybe I'll head over there later and post some.

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