Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's not over yet, right? :-) We had a great day! My parents plane was delayed a bit, but they still got to Columbus in time to eat our Thanksgiving feast! The food was all awesome. If you're looking for a great squash recipe, head over to the Pioneer Woman Cooks blog and check out her recipe. I should probably link you to it, eh? There ya go. Oh, and she's right, you MUST puree it. Yumm-o! :-) I cooked enough food for an army. Guess I won't be cooking much the rest of my parents visit, eh? In my defense, I was expecting 4 more guests, but three of them couldn't come because their Mom was visiting the Bradley Center. :-( I'm not really planning on doing much shopping tomorrow. I did pick up a nifty little gadget from this morning. A TomTom One Navigation system! Yesterday, I explained to my dh why I needed one, he promptly told me to buy it. He's awesome, isn't he? :-) I told him I'll wait for him to get home before I open it though. So, he's off the hook...he doesn't have to shop for me for Christmas, even though I know he won't listen to me and will shop anyway. Men. :-) I have a few crafty projects planned to do with Mom this weekend. We may have to run to Michaels tomorrow to get the supplies, since I didn't think to pick them up before they got here. Until next time...........

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