Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Storm

We had a pretty bad winter storm last week. I know, I know…we live in Alaska. We should be used to winter storms. However, this isn't typical for us. We don't usually have the wind here in the Interior and we don't have ice. At least I don't think we have ice. Perhaps we do. I think we have had an ice storm for the last three years? But trust me, it's not normal. Public school was even cancelled for three days last week. When we lived in AK in 1998-2001 I don't remember school being cancelled at all! That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Anyway, we received snow, ice, more snow, wind, etc. Really strong winds. Somehow, Mike and I slept through the howling wind. We even lost a very large spruce tree in the front yard. Mikayla heard it fall, saying it sounded like a gun shot. No one else heard it. Very strange. We lost power about 11:30 Wednesday night. It came back on about 8pm Thursday. We are very thankful for our wood stove. It kept our house toasty warm. It was relatively warm outside, so we didn't really have to worry about pipes freezing. Some people are still without power, days later. It's also starting to get into below zero temperatures. Not a good mix. I had to work Thursday, and Mike went in for a few hours. The kids played Dominion by candlelight. Fun times!

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Melissa said...

Dominion by candlelight sounds fun, better than school work by candlelight.