Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Great Find!!!!

WWe've been looking for new furniture for a few months, at least. I did find a chair and a half to put downstairs for free on Craigslist a couple of months ago. That was the ultimate find. However, free living room furniture that is nice is really hard to come by. There was this one living room was free...or maybe it was $50. I can't remember. In excellent condition. Except it smelled.  Bad. I'm not too upset that we didn't end up getting that one. :-). So, we've been looking. On Craigslist. Multiple for sale boards on Facebook. It's not that we couldn't find anything that we liked, because we did. We liked lots of sets that people were selling. Here's the deal...people ask too much money for used stuff!!! I mean, if it will only cost us a couple of hundred dollars more to get brand new, I would rather have brand new! We still have 4 kids at home...and currently two dogs. We are rough on furniture. I didn't want brand new because it's likely it'll only last us a couple of years. So, we looked.  And looked. And looked some more. Last night, someone posted a sectional couch. For a very reasonable price. We went and looked at it today. It is in grey condition, doesn't smell, and the price was right!!! It does look a little awkward in our living room. I think it's because we aren't used to it. Hopefully we will grow to love it. Both ends recline, there are two storage compartments AND four cup holders. It remains to be seen if the cup holders are a good idea though. :-)

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