Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food for Thought

I read this on the Good Morning Girls blog this morning. I'm posting it here, so I can find it later. I seriously need to ponder this list some more.

1. Be the type of wife you’d want your son to be married to.

2. Smile at him.

3. Be forgiving.

4. Be direct……but kindly. Men can’t read minds and neither can we.

5. Be excited to see him when he comes home.

6. Allow him to have alone time.

7. Be an encourager.

8. Don’t nag…honestly it doesn’t work and only hurts the relationship.

9. Give him grace, you aren’t the perfect wife and he isn’t the perfect husband.

10. Pray for him and allow God to work in his life.

11. Remember you are not his Holy Spirit

12. There is only one “Prince Charming” and his name is Jesus…release your husband from the burden of fulfilling all your needs…..he can’t. Only Jesus can.

The person who wrote this list was thinking back over the 12 years she had been married to her husband and made a list of things she had learned. Some of these I am doing fairly well, most not. I also liked this quote:

Our life isn’t perfect and neither are we, but I love seeing where God started us, where He has taken us and I look eagerly to the future with my Lord, my husband and my children.


Melissa said...

Good stuff, I might should read this every day

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

#1 really hit home. After my son was born, I looked at my mother in law differently. I am trying to be the daughter in law to her that I would want my son's wife to be to me...if that makes sense.