Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random thoughts

We're going home in three days. Why is it that I have so much to do, yet I feel like it's too early to do any of it? I mean, we can't pack our clothes yet, as we still need to wear them. :-) I suppose I could just pull out a couple of outfits per person and pack the rest. I should do that tonight. I would rather spend my time working on lay-outs and knitting though. That's exactly what I did last night. After a grumpy day with 5 kids, I put them all to bed at 8:00, worked on a lay-out and knitted on the Crosshatch Lace socks and the Clapotis. Oh, I should mention, Devin was gone, so I didn't make my teenager go to bed at 8:00. :-)
We had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. We spent Saturday at a fair. I won't even try to spell the name of the county we were in, but it was a blast. Perfect weather, and no crowds. The kids had a blast riding the rides. Let's just say I'm glad Dad was footing the bill. $51 for 65 tickets. With five kids and most rides taking 4 or 5 tickets, they didn't last long. We ended up with two sheets of 65. They did have fun though. Liberty and I had talked all week how she would be able to feed the sheep at the petting zoo. Once we got there, she fed the goat once and decided she didn't want to do that every again. :-) Sunday, we headed to my parents cabin, which is five miles in the woods. We spent the night, but I don't think any one of us slept much. Well, maybe the dogs did. The kids had a blast though. I was good, and didn't even yell at them when they fell in the brook. HA!
I feel so behind because we haven't started our school work yet. I know flexibility is the beauty of homeschooling, but still..... I'll just tell everyone we're following NYs school schedule...they started today! :-) Next week will be a good time for us to get used to no TV until after lunch. TimeWarner can't install my cable/phone/internet until the 14th. Have I ever told you all how much I hate TimeWarner? Ugh. Oh well. Thank God for cell phones, eh? I just hope Mike has lots of minutes left on his phone cards. HA! Until next time..........

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