Saturday, September 15, 2007

Home, Sweet Home?

Maybe not, but I'm home none-the-less. :-) I came home to a disaster, but I think it's fixed now. :-) I did get a sweet new computer out of the deal. :-)
So, Becca and I are going to see the Yarn Harlot on Wednesday. I am so excited! It'll be a blast, I'm sure. I'm going to have to figure out what to take in my knitting bag. I'm not sure I want to work on the Clapotis, socks it will be. However, I'm not sure working on Cross-hatch lace will be a good thing. I don't have the brain capacity to memorize the pattern right now. So, we'll see what I come up with. I do want to knit up a hat really quick to donate to charity. I wonder what I have in my stash for hats?
Mike has earned another award this deployment. It's an award I would rather him now have earned, but it is what it is. That's his most favorite statement lately..."It is what it is." He's earned a Purple Heart. He's fine, so he tells me. His tank was hit by an EFP. That's a fancy name for a big roadside bomb made of mostly copper. This was his 5th hit. The other 4 times, he's gotten off scott free. This time, he took shrapnel to his leg. His thigh to be more specific. He said they did x-rays to make sure all of the shrapnel was out, and it is. He said it hurts, but it's not above his tolerance level. HA! Praise God that it wasn't worse.
Fire ants. Have I told you how much I loathe fire ants? Liberty went outside this morning for a quick minute, and came screaming in with atleast 10 bites on one foot, and a few on the other. Poor kid. I filled the kitchen sink up with some water, threw a bunch of ice-cubes into it, and let her soak her feet. I gave her a few measuring cups to play with to take her mind off her feet. Seems to have worked. She's happily playing outside now with shoes on. :-) Devin carried something out to the trash and said the back yard is full of fire ants. I hope it's not, as Richard will be here shortly to mow for me. It's a jungle out there! I'll be glad when it's mowed though. There are lizards everywhere. Yuck. I hate lizards. They're not very big, and I know they're harmless, but those suckers jump. I've seen them all over my patio furniture. Yuck. Until next time.............


your man said...

oh that sounds like a ball. I wish i could be there to go with you, ya ok. Well have fun my love.

The Frozen Chosen said...


Glad to hear Mike is okay. Will he be coming home or will they send him back out? We'll keep you in our prayers.

Lynn Malpass

Beth said...

Wow, Angela...I glad to here that Mike is ok...I know that is the one award that they really don't want to earn. Miss you all down there, I haven't knitted since I left.