Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tomorrow is the day

You know the day I'm talking about....the day I get to see the Yarn Harlot! Mike calls her the Yarn Whore though, 'cause he says that Harlot is really an old fashioned name for whore. HA! I am excited. I think I've got my bag packed. I cast on a toe tonight, so I'll have a stockinette sock to work on if I need it. I'm thinking I'll definitely need it. :-) Clapotis is in the bag as well. I'm at the point where I don't feel like I'll ever finish it, even though I know I will.
We're in the 2nd week of school here. Last week went fairly well. Someone please tell me whos idea it was to start school the day after we returned home from our nearly 3 month vacation????? We didn't finish everything I wanted to accomplish, but we did pretty well. This week we're adding Latin, History and Science. Devin is LOVING Latin. He wanted to do three lessons today. We're using Getting Started With Latin. I really like how you can download the pronunciations in MP3 format. Very nifty. I didn't want something really in-depth for this year, something just to get their feet wet. This seems to fit the bill nicely. Today was the first day adding in History. I had forgotten how long it takes to do all of that Sonlight reading, but the kids really do enjoy it. Well, maybe not so much now that I require handwritten answers to the questions for the Readers. HA! Flying Creatures is going great. We did a fun little experiment today that the kids really enjoyed. I did take pictures, so maybe I'll share more about that later. Until next time.............

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Liz said...

Your Clapotis will be done before you know it, and you'll be so glad you worked through it!

Hope you have loads of fun with the Yarn Harlot - it's so cool to be at a talk where nobody minds that you're knitting while the speaker speaks because they're all knitting, too!