Monday, July 30, 2007


Who knew that the key to motivation regarding school, is new school supplies. Yup, that's it. Want your kids to be excited about the upcoming school year? Take 'em to Wal-mart, let them pick out new binders (try not to gag as they pick Princess, Spidermand and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL), 10 boxes of CRAYOLA crayons (they usually get RoseArt which break easily, so Crayola was a treat), oodles and oodles of pencils, glue sticks. folders, loose leaf, well you get the picture. Benjamin wasn't even out of bed the new morning and he told me he was doing school that day. Katie promptly finished 2 or 3 more lessons in her math book. I should put in a disclaimer....this key to motivation does NOT work on a 13 year old boy. :-)
I've been trying to put together the list of what we still need for curriculum this year. I still need to order Apologia Physical Science. I think he has 3 modules left in General Science, so I can wait a bit to order still. I need a writing program. I love BJU Grammar, but Devin needs more writing help. I'm looking at Writeshop 1. I'll probably end up ordering that once I get back home. Becca has it, so I plan to look at hers first. It is so hard to order curriculum sight unseen. I'm thinking about Latin's Not So Tough. I want something for the two older kids to just get their feet wet, without spending a ton of money or time. I figure Mikayla can wait to learn it with Benjamin. :-) All I need for Mik is the new First Language Lessons book that just came out. I can't remember the exact name of it, and I'm too lazy to look. Google is your friend. :-) Oh, I will order Fallacy Detective for Devin. I guess Katie wants to try Mindbenders again. I do believe that's it. I'll probably get the Abeka Art books too. They're cheap and easy...that's the name of the game. I'm hoping this is the year that Devin realizes that school is important to his future. He's said some big words lately, West Point is one of 'em. That's a pretty big deal. Scared the living daylights out of me when he said it. I told him the fun and games are's time to get down to business. He only has one more year until high school. Yee-gads!!!!!! His friend Tyler will be homeschooling this year. Tyler is Devin's bestest friend in the whole world...he lives in NY....he's very smart....he just turned 13....took the SATs...scored better than most high school seniors. Go figure! They're using some of the same curriculum, so maybe Tyler can motivate Devin. :-)
If I was home, I would share a new picture of the Jaywalkers. It's such a pain to upload to Mom's computer. I'm just about ready to start the ribbing. I could have probably knit 4 pairs of socks if I hadn't ripped the darn Jaywalkers out so many times. Finally, after deciding to forget the heel flap and going with the short-row heel, we have a winner. Fits Mikayla's foot nicely with a bit of growing room. Saturday, at o'dark thirty, I'm headed for Ocean City. I don't have to drive, so I'll have alteast 10 hours of knitting time there and back. I'm bringing the Hip in Hemp Skirt. Until next time..........

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Can't wait to see your jaywalkers!