Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the Real Real World

Dh went back to work on Friday. He hasn't worked since May. Holy cow, that was a long vacation. It was mostly good. I think we're both ready for some type of a routine again though. Although, I'm not sure how much of a routine it'll really be. My parents are flying in tomorrow. I'm excited about that. Surprisingly, my Dad decided to come. He doesn't do hot weather. Of course, he decided to come a few weeks after Mom had bought her ticket, so he had to pay $300 more than her's cost. I guess that's the price he paid for procrastinating? :p We're planning a trip to Stone Mountain while they're here. We've never been, so I'm kind of excited to go there. We got free tickets through Mike's work, otherwise we could never afford to go. That place is spendy!
We'll be starting school the week of the 4th. That seems so awfully early to me, but that's when the public schools are starting back up! Summer vacation is so short in the south. I'm not even remotely ready to start school again. I bought a fancy planning program to use this year. It takes hours to load all fo the lesson plans on to the computer. I know once it's done it'll be worth it, but geez louise. I'll be spending some late nights inputting info once my parents leave. I can't believe I"m the parent of a freshman now! Yee-gads!
Hold on to your computer chair, but I've been knitting. I'm trying to finish up the Hip in Hemp skirt for Liberty. I could be done now, but since I've got some extra yarn, I'm going to add another striping repeat. So, maybe in a couple of weeks I'll have a finished project to share with you! Every night that I knit, Mike keeps telling me to hurry up and finish the skirt. He seems to think I need to knit the kids hats and mittens for this winter. It'll be cold where we're moving, but not THAT cold. :p

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lauriec said...

I hear you on the routine! While leave was great, it's been nice having "normal" back during the day.

We went to Stone Mtn in '04 for my expecting club's meet up (the bebes were 6 mos old)--it was fun & yes, spendy!