Friday, July 11, 2008

Big and Rich

I've been absent from blog land for quite some time now. I would promise to do better, but I can't promise much of anything these days.
Mike was out running on the Riverwalk Thursday morning. They're building the new Infantry Museum out that way, and some old guy stopped Mike to talk to him for a minute. He was telling Mike that Big and Rich was coming for the ground breaking ceremony for the 173rd Airborn Memorial. If you've heard any of Big and Rich's music, you would know they wrote a song a couple of years ago or so called the "8th of November." That song is about the 173rd. They've since done a benefit concert to raise money for the memorial. Since the 173rd used to be stationed at Benning, the new Infantry Museum was chosen as the location for the Memorial. Mike was a little leary when that guy told him B&R was coming, since there was absolutely no advertising done at all. BUT, according to the B&R web-site, they indeed were planning to be at Benning on the 11th. So, off we went, into the swealtering heat and humidity, to the ground breaking ceremony. There were maybe 60 people there? After B&R sang their song and did their thing with the media, we were able to chat with them for a few minutes and have our photos taken. Mike enjoyed talking with John Rich about this season of Nashville Star. John is one of the judges, so it was actually pretty comical. Big Kenny doesn't talk much...we were surprised about that, but it appears that John Rich is the more outgoing of the two. We do think there is more behind that story though. :p


Becca said...

Hey, that's cool! I think there might be a lesson in there that it pays off to exercise or something, but I don't want to think to much about that.

Once again, Liberty captured on film just as we love her.

Kimberly said...

That is so cool, Ang!!!