Friday, September 21, 2012

Trailguide to Learning

We are using Trailguide to Learning's Paths of Settlement this year. It's one big huge all inclusive homeschooling program. Well, maybe not all inclusive. You so have to add math to cover all of the bases. We are finishing up lesson 4. I love how its broken down into manageable parts to do each day. I love how everything is all right there for me. I just open the book and go. I will say, it's a ton of printing. You can order the student note booking pages already printed. I didn't do that this year. I will next year, most definitely. We've enjoyed the books we've read so far. I am using the middle school supplement for Mikayla. That way, the curriculum works for all three of the kids. Katie does her own thing, considering that she is in high school. I've heard (or read) that some people don't think it's a heavy enough curriculum. Personally, I think it's plenty. There are a number of enrichment activities to assign, as well as additional reading and websites to peruse. If I assigned every single thing there is to choose from, our school day would be way too long.
Another thing I really like? Our science is actually getting done. Since its written into the curriculum, it's easy to just move on to the next thing and get it done. We've made a rain gauge as well as done some other things to learn how to observe weather.
Want to know what my kids favorite part of Paths if Settlement is? Cooking. They love choosing a dish out of "Eat Your Way Through the USA" to go with whichever two states we learned about that week. I will admit, I don't stay as on top of the cooking as I should, so we are a little bit behind in that area, but they remind me about it daily.
If you're looking for a way to change up your homeschool, look at Trailguide to Learning. I think you'll love it!!!

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Melissa said...

I think I will order the pages next year as well, especially since I know what to expect.
Hoping they get the next level finished before we finish the next one.