Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bosch, baby, Bosch!!

A few times over the last few months Mike and I have talked about whether or not we should get a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. I've wavered back and forth. Yes, I want it...no it's too expensive...yes, I need it...no, it's a frivolous purchase. I've went to two bread classes through Holy Living since Mike has been gone. I took Katie with me the first time, Mikayla the second. We've all enjoyed them! Of course, the teachers both have Bosch Mixers. Last Monday was the second bread class I attended. Shortly after I got home, Mike called me on the phone. I was telling him about the class, talking to him about my mixer dilemma, etc. He was very stealthy in asking questions, apparently asking what he needed to know to be sure he didn't order the wrong one!!!!! Within ten minutes of hanging up the phone, he had went on-line and ordered me one. Not only did he order the Mixer, he bought the stainless bowl, the cookie paddles, AND the wire wisks to go with it! I CANNOT believe it!!!!! It came today. Pretty swiftly if I might add AND with free shipping to Alaska!!! Most people won't care to see these pictures, but I wanted Mike to be able to see me open the box.
I should put in a disclaimer in case you look...please don't mind my cluttered house. I've been sick. Plus, this house is a wee bit small for a family of 7, so it always looks cluttered. :-)





I will say, I was sad to take my KitchenAid Professional machine off the counter today. I'm not going to get rid of it yet, just in case you know, but I'm pretty sure I'll love the Beast. Did you know the Bosch Mixer can make 5 loaves of bread at one time? It can mix something like 20 cups of flour!!!! If you have the meat grinding attachment, it can grind 4 lbs. of meat per minute. Amazing. I just mixed up this recipe of hamburger buns. I think I added a bit too much flour, but we will see. I need to remember that the dough gets less sticky as it kneads. Anyway, I'm still totally in awe that my husband bought this for me. He's currently saving for a down payment on a truck, something he has wanted for many years now. He's been driving the same car for almost 15 years. So, his money is precious to him. Yet he still spent a good portion of his money on me. I love that man.


Melissa said...

Very nice, see you tomorrow!

your man said...

Lets see if this works?.?.?

your man said...

Oh man it did work. WOW!!! Those are some great pics my love. I am glad you like it. I pray it gives you many years of joy. I love you so much.