Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Fun!!!!

Mike's block leave coincided with Spring Break this year. How convenient! :-) We didn't really go anywhere, but did more of a "staycation" type of thing. We had a great week! Mike and I were able to get away for a night by ourselves, which we enjoyed immensely. Chena Hot Springs was our destination.
We didn't do any of the extra stuff the "Resort" has to offer, but we sure did have a great time. Some time, we want to tour the Ice Hotel. Can you believe they are able to keep this standing year round? Even in the summer time! Amazing!
You can spend the night in the hotel for a measly $600 a night!!!!
The next day, we took the kids to the Ice Park. Absolutely beautiful! The kids had a great time on the ice slides and viewing the sculptures!
I might of sort of played with a little bit of photo editing there. I'm not very good, but it is fun.
Next on the agenda was The Knotty Shop. We hadn't been there since we lived here almost 10 years ago. We used to drive all the way down there just to get ice-cream. Which is precisely what we did this week. Fun times. I didn't get any photos of us eating ice cream, but I did get this interesting shot...
Yesterday, we pretty much stayed home. Devin had soccer practice and we had a parent meeting, plus we had about 7 trips to Lowes. Why so many trips you might ask? Because my rockin' husband installed a dishwasher for me!!!!!! He had never done anything like this before, so I am so proud of him for doing it with only verbal help from a friend!!!! YouTube may have helped as well. :p No pics yet though. He still has to finish closing it in. He says that will happen tomorrow.
Today, we had planned to go tubing at Birch Hill. It was Family Day, which meant a discounted rate. It also meant a 1.5-2 hour wait. Not happening. So, we drove over to the ice-park and let the kids play some more on the ice slides. They also skated on their first outdoor ice rink! They had a blast!
I'm still hoping for one more visit to the ice park. Preferably at night. The sculptures are so pretty when they're all lit up!
Mike has one more week off from work. We're planning a couple of fun things, but mostly back to the old grind. Skating lessons, piano, school, etc. Fun times ahead!!


Melissa said...

By the time we went to the ice park on Friday the bear by the bench had lost his head! But the kids had fun sliding.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast.

To answer your question, yes we are driving...with 4 kids and two rather large dogs. We are going to do the pull behind travel trailer thing with the SUV. Should be an adventure. ;)