Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun with Photoshop

I've had Photoshop 5.0 on my computer for quite some time. Quuuuiiiitttteeeee some time. I've used it to make a digital brag book or two, but that's about it. I really should take the time to learn it, because it's so much fun! Trying to get good pictures of five kids is nuts. I've pretty much given up. Not to mention the fact that they never match. ;-) Anyway, I played around a bit today, converting them to black and white and then changing the pumpkin back to orange. Here is a result of my efforts:

I didn't Photoshop this next photo at all. It's not a fantastic's hard to get fantastic pictures when it's pitch black outside and you don't want to use a flash. I should have dug out the tri-pod, but I didn't. I do like the shadows in this picture though.

Soon...soon you'll get a picture of the Lady.


Holly S. said...

Cool effort! I use PhotoShop at work everyday. I think that's why I never got into scrapbooking. Because I do so much graphic stuff at work, scrapbooking would feel like work to me. You did good. Try dressing them all in blue shirts and letting the blue come through. Or maybe red for Christmas cards!

Faith said...


Oh, and I just posted a link on my blog to a place you can get Vital Wheat Gluten (so sorry -- I had totally forgotten that you asked!)