Monday, September 15, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I'm sharing another finished knitting project with you today. Can you believe it? I'm getting quite a bit of knitting time in lately. You know what that means, right? I'm not scrapbooking at all. Seems I can't find a happy medium, but for now, I'll either just knit, or just scrap. My cousin is having her first baby in February. Or maybe it'll be January? I want to knit her a sweater, but she's one of those people who won't find out if they'll be welcoming a little girl or a little boy into their family until the birth. Geez louise. Can you imagine? ;-) I don't want to knit a green or yellow sweater. I was thinking of using some Dream in Color yarn, but I only have a purple colorway. If you have any color ideas, share 'em with me. I also wasn't sure which size needles I should use or which gauge or yarn! So, I did a test knit. With some stash yarn bought way back when I first started knitting and didn't know what "nice" yarn was. This yarn wasn't too bad, but it didn't take me long to remember why I don't much knit with acrylic. Someone at our church had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago, so I'll gift this sweater to her on Wednesday night.

Yarn is Paton Astra Pretty in Pink Ombre
Pattern is Baby Sweater on Two Needles from the Knitters Almanac
Size 5 needles
Sweater size 6-12 months
One thing I loved the most about this pattern is, there are no seams to sew up when you're finished. Well, I suppose if I followed the pattern to a "t" I would have had to sew up the arm seams, but I knitted them in the round. That's a huge plus for me because I much prefer the knitting process to the finishing process. It about killed me to sew the buttons on. I chose plain jane buttons. I just don't do cutesy buttons. The fact that our button selection here in Columbus leaves something to be desired might have something to do with it. I loved knitting this sweater so much, that I'm considering knitting an adult size for my mother for Christmas!


Sherilyn said...

For a gender neutral color, tan or cream are good colors...and pale blue looks beautiful on little boys or girls. if your friend likes strong colors, red is a gender neutral color and dark brown is very popular in baby clothes right now. You could knit a cardigan in a neutral color and then add buttons to it later...and maybe a crochet trim, to add in pink or blue if you want.

Your little pink creation is gorgeous. :-)

Becca said...

That is so cute!! I do like the idea of a neutral color cardigan. I never liked the greenish sweater someone knit me for Grace.

Dream in Color would be great in almost any of their colors. I would say KnitPicks Swish DK, but the colors aren't as nice. Check out Webs, they have some generic yarn under the Valley name that is nice.

You know they have a pattern for the adult size, right? It's the February Lady Sweater. There are a lot of really pretty finished projects on Ravelry for it.

You must be feeling better!

lauriec said...

Another vote for cream--it can always be accessorized w/ buttons or a ribbon.

Beautiful sweater!

Hope you're feeling better!!!