Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finished At Last

I have finally finished the Striped Noro Socks. I do love them, but geez louise, I am glad I'm done. I worked on them while at the YH event in Atlanta last weekend. I nearly threw in the towel while I was there. Knots. Lots of 'em. I guess I should call them tangles, 'cause they weren't really knots. The yarn is so sticky, it gets stuck on itself. Every time I would pull some from the cake, a whole tangled mess would come out. They were fun to knit though. I have enough to do another pair, but I'm in no rush. ;-) Here's what I'm working on now.....

The pattern doesn't show up nearly as much as I was hoping it would, and the yarn is doing some sort of weird spiral striping, but I do love them. More details another time. ;-)

The other day, Liberty woke up from her nap and said, "Would you like to make oatmeal cookies with me?" Oatmeal cookies (aka No-Bake Cookies) are her absolute favorite. She even eats them for breakfast. They are oatmeal you know. ;-) I had to snap this picuture of her.

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Faith said...

OK, first Becca, now you -- I seriously need to cast on for a pair of the Noro striped socks. They're so beautiful!

Cute picture of your daughter. =)