Thursday, April 17, 2008


The time for my husband to return is drawing near. I should expect delays, right? AirTran, the commercial airline who contracts for the Army, went bankrupt last week. It wasn't supposed to affect our guys coming home. Surprise, surprise, it has. The advance party was due home this week. Now they won't be home until next week. Dh says my birthday may come and go, and he won't be home. The delays are expected to be 48 hours to 9 days. Yee-haw. Mike did tell me that he'll bring me to any yarn store I want to go to in either Atlanta, SC or NC and he'll buy me whatever luxurious yarn I want, as much as I want. I think I'll keep him.

ETA: Apparently it wasn't AirTrain, it's ATA. I don't care enough to research it more. A delay is a delay, no matter which airline it happens to be.


Becca said...

You'd better start doing some yarn store research! That's too good of a deal! Freaking airlines. They screw up everything.

William said...

AirTran did not go bankrupt. It was ATA. AirTran recently was rated #1 in quality. Easy mistake

Lynn said...

PTL! At least you can say he'll be home. Don't grumble. Just pray for those other wives who wish they had a husband that were so willing to let them buy whatever they wanted. WOW, He misses you! I bet you could get him to do anything right now.

Keep up posted.

Still praying,

Kris said...

I'm right there with you, girl. Wondering how all this commercial airline garbage is going to trickle down and affect our guys.

Hoping and praying that all goes smoother than we're anticipating.

The end of this is just as bad as the beginning, isn't it? lol

Faith said...

Oh the nasty delays. I always just try to keep my ears plugged until I get the "boots on the ground" call. Sending good thoughts your way that your husband will be home soon!

Lynn said...

IS he home YET?