Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas?

Today was Christmas at our house! Dh is leaving on Thursday, so we celebrated Christ's birth early! We had a fabulous day. We played games with the kids, I made a yummy ham dinner, complete with the Pioneer Woman's squash, much to my children's dismay. However, Mikayla loves it, which is why I requested it. I figure if my 8 year old requests squash, I must oblige her, eh? :-) We have lots of ham left-overs, so I doubt I'll have to cook tomorrow.
We let Devin sweat a bit. We're horribly mean. His gift cost over $200. With 5 kids, our Christmas budget has to be kept under control. So, we couldn't afford to spend anymore $$ on him. The other kids had opened a few gifts each, and he was starting to get fidgety. He said, "I wonder if I have any gifts under there?" HA! Finally, we gave it to him. He was in total awe that he got a Sony PSP. He didn't think there was any way he was getting one. It's nice to give Devin gifts...he wears his emotions in his shirt sleeve, so you always know how he's feeling. He is often emotional over gifts, which is nice...makes you feel like he really appreciates them. Some of my other kids are non-responsive about gifts. Namely Benjamin and Katie. You can never tell if they liked what they got or not. lol. Anyway, the bad thing about celebrating Christmas early? I am itching to take the tree down like nobody's business. But, I can't. The kids are opening gifts from family members on the 25th, so I have to keep it up until atleast then. I'm guessing I will be ripping it out of the living room on the 26th.
I have been knitting. I finally bound off the sock I started when I went to see the Yarn Harlot, and cast on for the match. I'm nearly ready to start the heel. Something tells me I'll be knitting lots by the end of the week.

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The Frozen Chosen said...

Angela, Mike and family

Want you to know we are praying for you as Mike leaves tomorrow. Thank you for serving our country by allowing your husband to serve. We pray your R & R was amazing. We're sure it was way to short. Trust in HIM he will protect and comfort you.

In Christ,
Earl and Lynn Malpass