Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 6

Today was Benjamin's Birthday. He's 12!!!! How did that happen? We had stayed up late working on his "cake" and I had to work early. So, in order to keep the tradition of streamers on the door going, I asked Katie for help. I usually just tape streamers going every which way. Not so much with Katie. She very methodically hung them. She did a fantastic job!
When I got home from work, we raced to the Nutcracker. Due to an ice storm, Mike didn't have to work so he was able to attend with us. 
Presents!!!! What's a birthday without presents??
Benjamin got a fancy new gun from Boppa!!!!
Benjamin had seen these Minecraft "cakes" on YouTube and decided that's what he wanted for his birthday. I say "cakes," but they are really rice crispie treats covered in fondant.  They're made to look like the cake you would make if you played the Minecraft game.  We had fun making them together!!!

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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin!