Monday, December 2, 2013

December 1

I've attempted to do a December Daily album in the past and not been successful. I'm going to try again. For about the 5th time. Maybe I'll be successful? I'm going to try and do my journaling here, that way I can easily copy it into an album....when I purchase one. 

We haven't used our regular Christmas ornaments since we moved to AK. This is our 4th Christmas here. So, it's been a while. My husband bought me a beautiful new 7.5ft pre-lit artificial tree this year. The kids asked if they could use the old tree downstairs for their ornaments, since they knew this years theme would be red, green, white and silver. I couldn't think of any good reason NOT to have two trees, so we said yes. When they put the tree together we all commented in how ugly of an artificial tree it was and how we couldn't believe that had been our main tree for two years in a row. Ha!!! Once it's decorated, it looks beautiful. Watching the kids go through the boxes of ornaments and tell the stories of whose was whose and when they got each one was so fun to listen to. I've caught the kids periodically standing in front of that tree just gazing at the ornaments. So many memories tied up in that tree. I'm glad I decided to be a yes mom and let them decorate it. <3

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