Sunday, February 3, 2013


Mike has left us for a fairly short period of time. He's enjoying the warmth of the South right now. The girls and I are planning to get some decorating done while he's gone. I'm ashamed to say, we've been in our house for more than a year, and I've done very little decorating. I painted the kitchen with the help of some friends. I did paint one bathroom, although that's as far as I got. So, I present to you decorating project number one of hopefully many more to come.

Frame: Ben Franklins - $35
Chalkboard Paint: Ben Franklins - $11

That's it, my friends! I've never worked with chalkboard paint before. Easy peasy!!!! The can says it adheres to glass, but I was hesitant to believe what it said. I'm here to say, it works!!! I haven't told my husband about this project yet. I'm hoping he will love it. When our girls first started taking piano lessons, he commented on their teachers chalkboard pantry door that she used to announce the dinner menu. I scoffed and told him to erase that thought from his mind, it wasnt happening. But a frame, a frame I can do. We shall see what he says. I will tell you a secret...I am worried about doodling. Am I the only one with doodling kids? I'll have to hide the chalk. I know I'll find doodling on it all the time!!! Oh, one Pinterest pin I read says you can use Bistro Markers on chalkboard. What in earth are Bistro Markers? I'll have to google.

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Anonymous said...

Fun! And don't feel bad. We have been here almost a year too...and even bought the paint...but still have not painted our guest bathroom.