Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All Things Christmas

I've been consumed with the busy stuff. Knitting Christmas gifts, baking cookies to give away, etc. We are truly enjoying the Christmas season, even though it is busy. We are attempting to teach our kids that its better to give than to receive. Yesterday, Mike pointed out to me that I melted my spendy winter jacket while putting wood in the stove. I was very sad, as we had just spent a lot of money at the post office mailing gifts. Quite a bit more than I had anticipated. Double what I had anticipated. So, to come home and realize I would have to purchase another jacket, I may have over reacted a wee bit in the tears department. As Mike and I were browsing jackets at landsend, Benjamin brought over a $20 bill, and Katie offered a donation as well. Of course we didn't really need it, we didn't take it, but it warned my heart and made me cry even more. Generosity in kids is a hard thing to find these days. We are definitely blessed.

Christmas knitting? I have more in the works, but these two scarfs needed to be mailed. They are ruffle scarves using KP Swish Worsted. I love that yarn. I will try and post a link later when I can actually get on my laptop again. A certain puppy chewed my charging cord. Good thing she's cute.

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Melissa said...

Such blessings. Your scarves look super cute like that. I wish I would have rolled mine like that in the package.