Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time Out!!!

I know I've promised you some sewing posts, but we're taking a time out from our regularly scheduled programming. We have visitors!!!!!! My parents flew in last week to spend the next 10 or so days with us. We're planning a trip to Valdez tomorrow. I can't wait!!! The kids aren't overly impressed with the long drive we'll be making. I truly don't believe any of us have recovered from the nearly 5000 mile trek up here to the great state of AK yet. We've had a great time together so far! Mother Daughter Tea, Pioneer Park, the Pipeline, various shopping expeditions, walks to the park, etc. Fun times, good memories.




Don't worry...there really WILL be a crafty post coming soon. I've been so buy sewing I haven't had time to blog! :p I have two words for you...Birdie Sling.


Anonymous said...

yipee for family visits!!

Melissa said...

That is a great picture of your Mom, you and the girls! Have fun in Valdez.