Saturday, May 3, 2008


I think I'm in denial. My husband will be home in less days than there are fingers on one hand, and I havent' done a thing. I have a laundry room FULL of laundry. I have an entire house that needs to be vacumned. I have a Suburban that needs to be cleaned out lest it's rightful owner blow a gasket. ;-) I have counters that need to be cleaned off, as I suffer from Flat Surface Syndrome. What did I spend my Saturday doing? Taking a nearly 2 hour bubble bath and reading two Beverly Lewis books. Lord help me.


lauriec said...

I moved past denial & am in official freak out mode (albeit good freak out, but a freak out nonetheless!).

I still have laundry & vacuuming to do too.

And manicure/pedicure, hair coloring, pick up a blue balloon so he can find us in the crowd!

But hey, it's OVER!!!!!

Lynn said...

PTL Y'all are almost together. What an answer to prayer.

I can relate to not getting anything done if a Beverly Lewis book is involved. I LOVE her books. I have read them all, but the new one that just came out last month. I am lost without her books. She needs to get on the ball and write more!

Just do one area at a time, or do the 27 pick up from Fly lady. It does help.

Will keep praying to the end. Let us all know when he gets home.
In Christ,

Hokie Gal said...

Is he home????